I can’t think of very many examples in the earthly ministry of Jesus that better represents serving others than in John 13 when He washes the feet of His disciples. Feet are nasty. They smell. Stuff can grow on them. And I can’t even begin to imagine what feet must have looked like back in the “holy days of sandal wearing".  But in this moment of time, we catch a glimpse of what it means to truly lower ourselves for the benefit of another (Philippians 2).  

To serve. Serving people can be messy because people are messy. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. 

Jesus takes off His outer robe- a beautiful picture of Him stepping down from His place of authority in Heaven. He wraps himself in a towel- a picture of Him taking on the flesh of man. And then He does it. He kneels down before His creation (God in flesh humbling Himself before man) and He begins to wash away the dirtiness of their (disciples) journey.

Over time we have an opportunity to serve others, though it may not be a literal foot washing. But, what if every time we stepped on stage to lead others into the presence of God through music, or every time we held a crying baby so their parents could hear the message of hope that is only found in Jesus, or every time we brewed coffee, or helped direct cars in the parking lot, we first had the thought of Jesus coming down to us?  What if we approached those moments from the same place of humility that Jesus did when He washed the disciples feet? How much different would things be in the world? How much different would we be as the Church? How much different would you be as a Christ follower?


Brian Carlton  |  Music Leader / Celebrate Recovery Pastor