Welcome to the download page for a Baritone Vocalist!  Here you can download all material for the Evaluation and Audition process at EastLake Church.  Our process for auditioning is three steps:

1.  Register 

Fill in and register information on previous page of not already accomplished. 

2.  Evaluation  

You will meet with Patriece McPeak (ELC Vocal Director).  After being asked a few questions about your personal faith, your spiritual journey and the EastLake Church Commitment packet, you will be asked to sing any tune of your choice- a cappella.  Yes, that's right, you can sing anything your heart desires.  Please pick a tune that you are comfortable singing.  

3.  Stage Audition

In the event that you pass the Evaluation stage, you will then be asked to come in and display your ability to perform with a live band.  At this point, you will be asked to perform one of the given tunes from the download material.  

Please download and fill out all material.  Please bring the EastLake Church Commitment packet to your Evaluation.