Periodically, we are asked these questions:  What is Eastlake Church about?  What type of music do they play?  What do they bring to the community?  How are they invested, musically, within the community?  What is the mission of Eastlake Church?   

Here is the short answer:

Local. Regional. National. Global. People helping people find and follow Jesus. Most of what we do at Eastlake Church reflects our Mission, Vision and Values as a community of believers in Jesus.  The music at Eastlake Church is just a portion of what a new attendee or member will receive on a weekend basis.  Music is part of our liturgy or worship service that "sets the table."  Merely, it is an expression of who are and who we serve- Jesus.  We think of the music as simply singing our prayers to the one we believe in.  

Now, on a more exclusive note, "People helping people find and follow Jesus by making loud noise" regarding Eastlake Church Music Ministry, is a way to bring musicians in to serve the community with their individual gift.  Ranging from a wide variety of talent and musical diversity, by the vehicle of music, we serve the community from the local church.  Even if you are a professional gigging musician, educator, to an experienced hobbyist, you'll have one thing in common: serving.  That's what we do while out to have fun finding those who do the same.